Frequently asked questions

Do you offer your products in both manual and electric version ?

Yes. The new GausWheel will be available in electric version as well. The market launch date of the electric version is TBA but coming soon. Four different manual versions are available at the moment.

How can I place my order ?

At the moment you can only place an order by sending us your request via email to: ​sales@gauswheel.com with your desired shipping address. We will get back to you soon with a price quotation for shipping. You can finalize your order by accepting shipping conditions.

Where do you manufacture your products ?

The GausWheel is a patented Hungarian invention. Our products are manufactured and assembled in Korea by the highest automotive and road safety standards.

Im interested in becoming an official retailer. How can I contact you ?

You can send us an email to: mate.zelenak.hq@gauswheel.com or you can drop us a call at: +36302177082






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